SRAM is devoted to incremental enhancements, perpetual improvements and revolutionary innovation. Continuous advancements result in a constantly redefined ‘ultimate ride’ that gets better with each tweak, refinement and leap ahead.

“For the 2013/14 ‘cross season, I will be using SRAM RED 22. That’s right, 22 is for 22 gears. There’s really nothing more I could ask for from SRAM. They provide reliable and durable products that stand the test of time and impact in the muddy, sandy and cold conditions of ‘cross. Never having to worry about my equipment allows me to focus my energy on all the other things that demand my attention on race day.

“SRAM has recently launched their new hydraulic road disc brakes. Having the incredible stopping power that the HRD brakes provide is what I am most excited about for the upcoming season. No longer will I question whether my brakes will work, even in the sloppiest conditions. These brakes are dialed.”


Light and Motion has been in the light business for over 20 years. The company specializes in lights intended for cyclists of all kinds with product categories that include performance, multi-sport and commuting. Light & Motion designs and builds every product in Monterey, California.

“Light and Motion are innovators in the world of lights. They are constantly pushing the bar and forcing other brands to set higher standards. They tell it like it is. Light and Motion lights might be more expensive than other brands but that’s because they sell what they promise – 1200 lumens is 1200 lumens and maybe even more. But what I like most about Light and Motion are the people behind the product. Every time I walk into the office I am greeted with warm smiles and I can feel the good vibe.”


Modify Watches are interchangeable watches with mix-and-match faces and straps. Design a watch that allows you to make a statement — whether (quiet) or LOUD. Modify Watches is proud of their thriving online community that they engage with regularly to decide what designs to produce next. The fun extends beyond the color combinations at offer. Modify names each combination in a tribute to pop culture, movie references and  old-timey facts.

“I receive a lot of compliments on my Modify watches. Whenever someone makes a comment, I stop to explain how Modify makes many different color straps and faces that are made for mixing and matching. The versatility makes wearing this watch easy with anything, anytime. Modify is another company that I want to support because of the people behind the product. Aaron and Ayo are cool guys who have a flair for fun and fashion. Who else uses the email holler(at)!”

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