Pair of Fourth Place Finishes for Noosa CX at Trek CXC Cup Round One

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Another race. Another team race report. I think that’s going to be the trend this season. As per (the new) usual, it’s copied/pasted below.

Following a hugely successful opening week of the cyclocross season that included six podiums in eight days, Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team headed to Waterloo, WI for the Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup. Round one went to Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) in the elite women’s race and Jeremy Powers (Aspire Racing) in the elite men’s race. Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller both battled for the podium before ultimately finishing in fourth place in their respective races on Saturday.

Although Boulder-based, Miller has close ties to the area. She moved to nearby Rockford, IL as a teenager and attended UW-Madison as an undergraduate. Her family and several close friends remain in the area.

“There were lots of locals out today,” said Miller. “Everyone is still amped up about CrossVegas. I had lots of people congratulating me. Between family and friends, I usually have a pretty loud cheering section, but today only my brother and his girls could make it. I still heard people calling my name all the way around the course. That always makes me smile.”

Krughoff said the cheers were just as much for title sponsor Noosa Yoghurt as they were for the team’s riders.

“The team has gotten a great reception here,” said Krughoff. “I heard lots of people cheering for Noosa during my race. There was actually one guy who called out ‘I love your yogurt!’ every time I’d clear the super technical section on the course. It was great.”


Miller knows a strong start is required on the Waterloo course. The start/finish on pavement quickly gives away to a steep descent followed by an even steeper climb.

“Because the descent and climb come so early, it’s really important to have a good start,” explained Miller. “I actually managed to get off the line quickly, so I was second wheel going into the climb. I had ridden the climb in pre-ride,so I’m not sure what my deal was. I ended up dismounting on the first lap, which let Gabby [Durrin] (Neon Velo) open up a gap.”

Miller spent the rest of the first lap in hot pursuit of Durrin. She had Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement) and Georgia Gould (Luna) for company. It didn’t take long for Compton to bridge across to the first chase group.

“I closed the last bit of the gap to Gabby just before the start of lap three,” Miller explained. “Katie attacked shortly after that, and we never saw her again. It was a race for second between me, Georgia, Caroline and Gabby.”

Although Miller felt strong, she struggled through the corners. Sitting on the back of the chase group, she repeatedly found herself gapped from the other three riders through the twists and turns. Fortunately, Miller had the necessary power to close down the gaps.

“This course isn’t the best for me,” admitted Miller. “I don’t know why I have such a hard time with the twisty turns and repeatedly accelerating out of those turns. I sat in the back of the chase group for most of the race, and I was constantly getting gapped. It’s a frustrating experience. I feel like I should have a better ride, and I don’t understand what it is about that type of turn that’s so hard for me.”

Gould attacked on lap four, and immediately opened up a gap. Mani was the first to jump in an attempt to respond.

“I came around Caroline to try to close it down to Georgia,” explained Miller. “In one wide, sweeping turn, I slid out. I took Gabby down with me, and Caroline came by us. That’s how she got away.”

Compton, Gould and Mani went on to secure spots on the podium, each soloing across the line. Miller and Durrin duked it out for fourth place, with Miller besting Durrin ahead of the finish line.

“I had a similar experience on day one last year and rallied back for third on day two,” said Miller. “Here’s to hoping tomorrow goes better.”

Krughoff hit the barriers on lap one in fifth place. More accustomed to riding on or closer to the front, Krughoff wasn’t thrilled with his position and attempted to make gains by bunny-hopping the barriers.

“Twitter reported a run-in with a pole,” said Krughoff. “There was no pole. There were barriers. I made the poor decision to bunny hop the barriers when I didn’t need to. My hands slipped between the two, and I had to make the emergency bail out. It cost me a handful of spots.”

Krughoff kept a cool head and steadily rode himself from the back of the top ten to fourth place. He was feeling strong and confident when another small error proved costly.

“I was in fourth place behind Tim Johnson (Cannondale),”said Krughoff. “There’s this off-camber turn section before the barriers, and I clipped the pedals there. I lost ten spots.”

Krughoff quickly set to work making up the ground he had ceded. At the start of the last lap, he had dropped Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement) to take a firm hold on fourth place. Shawn Milne (Boulder Cycle Sport Yoga Glo) was riding alone in third place, and Krughoff had his sights sets on closing the gap.

“I was slowly but surely clawing my way back up there,” said Krughoff. “I ran out of time to get third in the end.”

“I’m disappointed with the early mistakes I made, but I’m confident going into tomorrow,” he added. “I know I have good legs with the gap I was able to close. I’m also feeling more and more confident on the Focus every day. I’m feeling good about my chances tomorrow.”

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